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Fashion Diva in the Making: Top Six Clothing Items Your Baby Girl Must Have

Fashion Diva in the Making: Top Six Clothing Items Your Baby Girl Must Have

Did you know that almost every adult piece of clothing can be paired with teensy weensy little cute baby clothes? Oh, you’ll be surprised at what’s available in the market – from long dresses to cute bathing suits – you can now play Barbie with your little one.

Yes, baby girls are living dolls to their moms. These excited mommies get to play dress up once again. But this time, it’s more fun because they are doing it with their precious little ones.

If you are a fashionista mom (or dad), here are some awesome clothing items that your baby girl must have:

#1: Cute and Colorful Tops

Complete your baby girl’s outfit with some cute and colorful tops. Choose some striking colors that will match your baby’s playfulness.

When choosing your baby’s tops, make sure that you also choose non-allergenic materials and 100% cotton.

Babies tend to grow fast so it’s wise to get clothes one to two sizes bigger so they can still use it even if they grow a bit taller.

Plain baby shirts will look great in printed shorts or pants. If you opt for a printed shirt though, make it pop by matching it with a dark colored bottom.

#2: Nice Little Dress

Baby girls look perfect in such cute little dresses. When choosing a dress for your baby, there are some things you should consider. Babies grow taller every day so make sure that you choose longer dresses so they can still wear them for a long time.

Choose colors that are easy on the eyes. As much as possible, avoid dull colors like black and maroon. Keep the colors kid friendly and light.

Is your baby girl starting to outgrow her dress? Match it up with cute little tights.

#3: Adorable Headbands

Nothing completes your baby girl’s outfit than a cute headband. Most of the time, you can get matching headbands when you buy baby girl dresses. But if they don’t, you can always get a good set of colorful headbands. Choose plain colored ones to match any dress or top.

#4: Warm and Comfortable Boots

Train them young and get them some gorgeous kicks. Whether your baby is just starting to walk or already running here and there, you should invest in some comfortable boots to keep their feet warm. There are so many colors to choose from. Choose a design that can be paired with any type of outfit.

#5: Teeny Tiny Jackets

Bundle up your little bundle of joy with comfy jackets. Always get one to two sizes bigger so your baby girl will not only be comfy but will be able to use it for a few more years.

You can go with printed jackets or choose plain, classic ones.

#6: Tutus

Every little girl has dreamt of wearing a tutu! Don’t let your baby miss out on wearing one.

Choose a plain colored tee and match it with a colorful tutu so the skirt will pop out even more.

These are just some fashion must-haves for your growing baby girl. Keep in mind that comfort should always come first when dressing up your little one.